You, Me and Everything Else

Camisado Club

If you could send a mixtape to outer space on behalf of planet Earth, what would be on it? Right now there’s a golden record hurtling through space. It’s about you, me and the universe. It’s a mixtape of humanity, a collection of songs, sounds and pictures from Earth, a valentine from the human race to whoever or whatever finds it. A science-fact love story. Two ordinary people look out into the universe and find the most human thing: love. ‘An engaging and cleverly constructed piece of theatre’ (

★★★★ “Unexpectedly touching” – Fringe Guru

★★★★ “Tight, focused and sweetly delicate” – Broadway Baby


  • Dates & Times

    4th Aug 2017 - 14th Aug 2017
    5:45 pm
  • Location

    ZOO 140 Pleasance
    EH8 9RR
  • pricing

    £9 (£7)
  • Suitability

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