Things We Find in the Dark

Echo Echo Echo in Association With The Lincoln Company

Children have always believed that monsters lurk underneath the bed. As they get older, they forget that monsters really do exist. Sam locked these creatures away and, in all that time, they stayed hidden and grew stronger until, one day, Sam is plunged into a world of monsters, misfits and an evil that waits in the shadows. With an explosive physical theatre cast, Echo Echo Echo tells the tale of the darkness within each of us that lurks just below the surface.

★★★★ Strange & beautifully stylized piece – Fringebiscuit 


  • Dates & Times

    4th Aug 2017 - 28th Aug 2017
    10:40 am
  • Location

    ZOO 140 Pleasance
    EH8 9RR
  • pricing

    £10 (£8) - £12 (£10)
  • Suitability

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