The Rise and Fall of Patti Superb

Temple Light Theatre

The Rise and Fall of Patti Superb. She’s a true wild; a fool perhaps. Bare feet to earth, yet airborne, pulling language from the trees and reminding adults of things they ought to know. But now, shocked into eventual silence by the ‘heavyheavy’, she’s locked inside an adult chock-a-block full of external directives. Blind under the blankets and holding someone else’s handbag. How do you escape from here? And which way is home again? Solemn, comedic, melodic and episodic. Part adventure story, part half-time pep talk. For the true wilds and their allies.

  • Dates & Times

    2nd Aug 2019 - 10th Aug 2019
    8:30 pm
  • Location

    ZOO Playground High School Yards,
    EH1 1LZ
  • Pricing

    Previews £5 | £10 (£9)
  • Suitability

    18+ (Guideline) | Warnings: Audience Participation, Contains Distressing Themes, Strong Language/Swearing
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