Step into Africa IV

34/18 Youth Dance Company

Back at the festival for the fourth time, 34/18 Youth Dance Company perform Step Into Africa IV. 14 dancers, six young fresh choreographers and the experience of the artistic director, Wendi Abrahams, makes for a reboot of modern dance. This young company will show their versatility in contemporary, gumboot, pantsula and hip hop styles.  Experience the vibe, energy and talent found at 34 degrees latitude, 18 degrees longitude ie. Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Dates & Times

    5th Aug 2018 - 11th Aug 2018
    11:25 am
  • Location

    ZOO Southside 117 Nicolson Street,
    EH8 9ER
  • pricing

    £14 (£12)
  • Suitability

    U (3+)
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