Put Your Best Face On

Swings and Roundabouts in association with the Lincoln Company

Lola’s funny, confident, and always striving for perfection. She has everything a fifteen year old could want – friends, followers, approval… so what’s missing? Praised by her virtual friends, and celebrated in her online life, Lola’s moving away from the people closest to her, and she’s not sure she even recognises herself… Breaking the boundaries between the real and the digital, this interactive show asks: who are we really?
Created by Swings and Roundabouts, in association with The Lincoln Company, University of Lincoln’s celebrated company of emerging performance makers.

  • Dates & Times

    2nd Aug 2019 - 11th Aug 2019
    2:40 pm
  • Location

    ZOO Southside 117 Nicolson Street,
    EH8 9ER
  • Pricing

    £10 (£9)
  • Suitability

    14+ (Guideline) | Warning: Audience Participation
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