PreScribed (a Life Written for Me)

Viv Gordon

PreScribed (a Life Written for Me) examines the mental impact of being a GP whilst the NHS meltsdown.  An emotive show from performance artist Viv Gordon, using dance, verbatim text from GPs on the brink, jelly and tennis balls. Gordon takes us on a trip to the doctor that reveals an underbelly fraught with burnout, caffeine and an overdose of Beethoven. Made with original research undertaken at the University of Bristol looking into improving understanding and access to support for GPs living with mental illness.

  • Dates & Times

    15th Aug 2017 - 25th Aug 2017
    3:30 pm
  • Location

    ZOO 140 Pleasance
    EH8 9RR
  • pricing

    £10 (£8)
  • Suitability

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