How to Drown a Fish

Grace Gibson

Offstage a cassette is taken out of its box and put into the player. The music crackles and she bounds on to stage. With hairspray in her saliva, she dances on an uneven floor. The air is wet, her hair drips. She is drowning in a moment. Unpacking personal experiences involving children’s dance competitions, How to Drown a Fish dissects the point when it all goes wrong. Inspired by a moment of failure, we watch a girl with a hairsprayfixed smile do her best to stay afloat. Supported by Camden People’s Theatre.

  • Dates & Times

    4th Aug 2017 - 16th Aug 2017
    4:25 pm
  • Location

    ZOO 140 Pleasance
    EH8 9RR
  • pricing

    £10 (£9)
  • Suitability

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