Forbruker: a one-woman advert break. ‘I think it’s a fact that, within consumer culture, the woman as an image is used as the interface between the consumed object and the consumer. [..] She’s at the site of that exchange between what we want and what we can get’ (Martin Crimp).
Forbruker places female clown Frankie Thompson into the world of consumer culture. Through mime, lip-sync and general idiocy, she battles her way through branding and absurdity. A bittersweet taste of the simultaneous danger and innocence of advertising. Sold-out performance at Camden People’s Theatre.

  • Dates & Times

    2nd Aug 2019 - 10th Aug 2019
    3:25 pm
  • Location

    ZOO Playground High School Yards,
    EH1 1LZ
  • Pricing

    Previews £7 | £10 (£8)
  • Suitability

    12+ (Guideline) | Warning: Audience Participation
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