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ZOO Venues presents a series of new choreographic works from emerging artists.  Don’t miss the chance to see new voices in British dance.
Full programme:

21/08 Yukon Ho! – Jennifer Irons / ironINC  (40mins)


Venture to the remote wilds of the Yukon Territory, Northern Canada with Yukon Ho! — A solo comedy dance show conceived and performed by award-winning choreographer Jennifer Irons and co-written by award-winning writer Rob Churchill.

Yukon Ho! is full of character(s), humour and a darker side that comes with the Territory. Expect to laugh, holler, quaff questionable cocktails and learn how to be Bear Aware.

Join real life Yukoner, “Intrepid” Jen as she spins tall tales from the frozen north to bring you a boisterous, cabaret-style survival guide to an unbelievable life in the Yukon.

It is all mostly true.


22/08 Cabbages and Queens, Man Up, Two – Jay Yule, Jack Stinton, Flash In The Attic Dance (45mins)


Cabbages and Queens

Sick of being faced with the same sorry state of affairs, never changing, only getting worse. Disappointment. Inspired by nonsense poetry of Lewis Carroll, dancers morph between inhumane objects whilst keeping their humanity fully intact. Paired with clownish costumes, there is a desolate feeling of hopelessness. The rhythmic structure repeatedly builds up tension to the point of climax and then falls flat. Images are created, hope is instilled but as soon as it’s there, it’s gone. Is this a window to the future or a reflection of what’s already here?

Man Up

Man Up is a personal exploration of the stories and expectations surrounding the norms of behaviour and actions of men in society…

It explores the often-negative impact this can have on a man’s ability to express emotion, the fear of being laughed at or somehow emasculated and the different ways that this can manifest itself.


Two‘. A duet devised from a creative development process by Alex Fairhurst focusing on improvisation between the two dancers who traverse through a series of moments of play, contact and directed phrases. Two provides the audience with a playful experience with an uplifting soundtrack and energy.

23/08 The sky was pink: Triptych – Claricia Parinussa (30mins)


A series of three short scores, exploring ways of working with the body in relation to image, space and sound; developed under movement research project the sky was pink.

Anon [allochtoon]

A series of embodied images form the departure point for an ongoing research project exploring coercion in the Indonesian-Dutch colonial relationship.


An embodied listening task, shared with the audience, exploring failure and resilience.

Untitled (labyrinth)

Untitled (labyrinth) forms and reforms through each site-responsive presentation and representation. It seeks to articulate and confront the Other, imagining how processes of decolonisation can begin with our bodies.

24/08 For Only An Hour – Phil Sanger (1hr)


Join us ‘For Only An Hour’, a queer manifesto told through dance, song, spoken word and performance art. Danced to a hilarious medley of Angela Lansbury, Delia Smith and Bette Midler this one man romp is a psuedo-glamouress jaunt through pop culture, queer art, childhood dreams and life changing surgery. It speaks of the urge to survive through many things, by leaning into humour, openness, hard truths and visibility.

It demands a punishing vulnerability of the performer and is supported by a haunting music offering by Donna McKevitt, glittering queer garments by Andrew Walker, artistic mentoring by Wendy Houston and a unique improvised lighting design by Jen Wren.

25/08 FAWN and other works – Lizzie Klotz (40mins)


Fawn considers the act of pleasing as an instinctive response to fear, threat and failure.

Why do we seek to please? And how? Adapting, being obedient, doing something really well whilst remaining humble, flattering, complimenting. As a solo work, Fawn draws parallels between the relationship of pleasing another, pleasing an audience and pleasing oneself – as a person, as a dancer and as a woman.

  • Dates & Times

    21st Aug 2018 - 25th Aug 2018
    4:00 pm
  • Location

    ZOO Southside 117 Nicolson Street,
    EH8 9ER
  • pricing

    £12 (£10)
  • Suitability

    PG (8+)
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