ZOO Venues aim to provide the best dance and theatre for everyone to watch and perform, however the 19th century churches within which ZOO finds its home were not designed with access in mind. We have taken measures to make our spaces as accessible as possible however due to the temporary nature of some of our theatre spaces, not all stages are fully accessible. Please see below for further details.

We are constantly working to improve our  facilities. If you have a request, suggestion or any feedback, we would love for you to get in contact:

ZOO Southside
Wheelchair and limited-mobility access to ZOO Southside can be found through the double doors at the rear of the building, accessible via an arched pathway to the right of the building. This pathway is clearly marked (if you reach Domino’s you’ve gone too far!) but please feel free to ask for guidance/directions from our Front of House staff, who will be more than happy to help.

Main House
The Main House is accessible via a lift at the rear of the building. To access seats, one will need to cross over the stage so please make ZOO Staff aware should you need to use it so we can assist. In addition, please arrive at least 10 minutes before the performance to ensure enough time to get situated.

Fully accessible.

Fully accessible.

ZOO Playground
All spaces at ZOO Playground are fully accessible. Please approach the venue via Infirmary Street to avoid any steps.